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Heart disease and stroke cutting women’s lives short: campaign

‘Time for women to stop dying unnecessarily’ Heart disease and stroke claim the life of a woman in Canada every 17 minutes and “sex and gender blinders have caused too many women’s lives to be cut short,” according to the »

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Early flu shots may stave off other illnesses

Getting the flu and other respiratory illnesses might cause inflammation which later may contribute to dementia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, according to a recent study. Campaigns are on now across Canada to try to convince people to get their annual »

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Mood disorders hike teens’ risk of heart disease

Adolescents who have major depression or bipolar disorder face a greater risk of heart disease and of getting it earlier, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.  Canadian Dr. Benjamin Goldstein from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in »

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Canadian research links oral health to cardiovascular health

For many years now, medical professionals have known there was a link between oral health and cardiovascular disease. What they hadn’t understood was exactly how that link worked. While it is important to understand that it is certainly not the »