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Spike of COVID-19 cases reported among temporary farm workers in Ontario

Authorities and health workers continue their efforts to cope with a spike of COVID 19 cases among migrant workers in south-central and southwestern Ontario. The spike is the latest in a series of crises the industry has faced this year »

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Temporary foreign workers will be allowed into Canada

One of the critical concerns of Canadian food producers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis is that of temporary foreign workers (TFW) and seasonal agricultural foreign workers. Last week the federal government announced travel bans into Canada for non-residents, »

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Grocers attempt to calm food supply worries, but difficulties ahead

As fears about the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 virus increase, it has led to many cases of panic buying. While there has been some surprise about a rush to hoard toilet paper, it has also spread to panic buying of »

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Trudeau calls off CARICOM charm offensive to deal with strife in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called off a planned meeting with Caribbean leaders this week meant to rally their support for Ottawa’s bid for a rotating UN Security Council seat amid ongoing blockades by Indigenous protestors and their supporters that »

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Canada pledges $100M for hurricane-ravaged Caribbean islands

Canada is pledging $100 million over the next five years to help Caribbean island nations recover from the devastation and damage caused by the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Canadian officials announced Tuesday at a pledging conference in New York. The »