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WWF: Dire predictions for caribou

The World Wildlife Fund-Canada says that barren ground caribou in Canada are facing a dire future. In a press release today, WWF  said that the caribou herds were once found in impressive numbers all across the Arctic, their numbers have »

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Inuit elders tell their experience of Arctic climate change

A new book looks at the human side of climate change in the Arctic. It’s called “The Caribou Taste Different Now-Inuit elders observe climate change.” While scientists continue to document and gather data on Arctic changes, two researchers talked to »

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Caribou or development? Question debated in Arctic

For years there has been concern about the rapidly declining caribou herds across the country. According to World Wildlife Fund-Canada, The Bathurst herd in the Northwest Territories, (NWT) for example, has dropped from 472,000 individuals in 1987 to 35,000 in »

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Caribou continue to decline despite hunting ban

It was once the biggest caribou herd in Canada. In the 1980’s the herd numbered over 700,00. In 2013, it was estimated at about 20,000, and now that estimate has declined to about 10,000. While the George River heard numbers »

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West coast wolf-cull challenged in court

Wolves to be killed by shooters in helicopters In the west coast province of British Columbia, the mountain caribou herds are dwindling rapidly. Wolves kill caribou, so the province began a programme of killing wolves in 2015 with the stated »

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Parasites spreading in Caribou, Muskox in high Arctic

They’re called “lungworms”  several species of roundworms that infect the lungs of caribou, muskox, bison, and Dall sheep. While their presence had been detected several years ago, the incidence of the infection is spreading and it would appear climate change »

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Protection for caribou in Canada: patchwork progress

For years, various levels of governments across Canada have been well aware of serious declines in the caribou populations. In spite of a variety of programmes and hunting restrictions, the populations continue to decline. Some of those programmes however have »

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Controversy growing over western Canada wolf cull

Some research professors in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are arguing against the western wolf cull currently being carried out by the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. In a paper published online this week, they say the killing of »

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Two and a half “good news” animal stories, 1 bad

Hector the dog was born to a stray mother in northern Saskatchewan. It was a tough start to life, Born in -40 degree temperatures his tail and hind legs became frozen to the ground and were torn off. His tail »

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Fencing in caribou to help their survival

Caribou across the country are declining due to a number of reasons, not the least of which is industrial activity in their habitat. This is especially so in for woodland caribou in central Alberta where oil sands projects are booming »