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Formula 1 comes to Canada: hopes for Canadian driver

The circus is in town The crowds have come to downtown Montreal for this year’s Canadian Grand Prix. The bars are full and some streets have been closed off for F1 related events. Many are also watching for sights of» 

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International car racing event coming to the street in Canada

The speed, the skill, the whirr of engines…Whirr? World renowned for it exciting Formula 1 races, Montreal will be the site of a new type of racing,  Formula-E, for electric. Car racing fans who know the sound of a screaming» 

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Welcome to winter in Montreal…Oh Noooooo!!!

After an unusually warm November, today sees the first real snowfall Montreal has seen this winter, and the fun (so-to-speak) has just begun. It caught a number of motorists off guard on the relatively steep Beaver Hall Street in the» 

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Ontario takes another step toward driverless vehicles

Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, took another step towards developing autonomous vehicles (AV’s) today. So-called “driverless” vehicles are being tested today on provincial streets and roads as part of large pilot project.  There will be no restrictions on where they» 

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Electric cars, not always “greener”

While many are extolling electric cars as the way of the future to reduce greenhouse gases, a new study points out that’s not always the case. Chris Kennedy (PhD, B Eng)  is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering» 

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Canada’s traffic congested cities: time and money

TomTom-the personal GPS manufacturer-has released its fifth annual traffic index which covers some 218 cities in 36 around the world. Istanbul ranks the highest, i.e. having the most congestion. Canada’s west coast port city of Vancouver comes in at 20th» 

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Autonomous vehicles- many questions to answer first.

These new self-driving vehicles are being touted as wonderful new technology. They’ll be safer, more efficient and provide a host of services.  But they also provide new challenges for cities. AnnaLisa Meyboom (PEng MRAIC)  is an assistant professor in the»