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Cashless stores: Discrimination?

In this increasingly digital world and corporate push towards digital-paperless transactions such as billings, payments and so on, it seems cash itself is under threat. Quite a number of stores are going “cashless”, but while many perceive that as progress, »

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Moving toward a cashless society?

Visa is moving aggressively offering ten thousand dollars to U.S. restaurants, cafes or food retailers in exchange for their agreeing to go cash-free. Sweden has become virtually cash-free. Apple Pay has come to Canada. While more transactions are being made »

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Canada’s big prize for literary non-fiction

It’s called the RBC-Taylor prize and this year marks the 16th awarding of the prize. Awarded to Canadian authors the $25,000 prize is awarded to the book is judged to best demonstrate a superb command of the English language, an »

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Skittish Canadians saving cash, investing less

Canadians are holding a record $75 billion in cash reserves that they would normally invest in the markets, says CIBC, a large financial institution. That represents almost 10 per cent of the total value of personal liquid assets in Canada. »