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Kerfuffle in the Catholic Church

A new book is being released called “From the Depths of Our Hearts”. It’s sparked a bit of controversy within the Roman Catholic church. It seems to push a conservative message about celibacy, and includes an essay by retired Pope »

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Quebec premier’s comment in California raises eyebrows

“All French-Canadians are Catholic” It was another of those candid conversations between politicians caught by reporters. After the recent incident where Canada’s Prime Minister at a NATO reception was overheard in a group seemingly mocking the U.S. President, comes another »


Lawsuit against Catholic oratory in Quebec may proceed

It’s a case of alleged sexual abuse going back as much as 40 years ago and involves one of Catholicism’s iconic institutions in Canada, the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal The Supreme Court of Canada in a 5-4 decision has »

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MeToo: Catholic priest abuse of nuns

For years there has been increasing knowledge of clerical abuse of minors, most especially in the Catholic Church. Equally of concern are accusations against church officials of years of covering up the abuse and not condemning or dealing adequately with »

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Death penalty is ‘inadmissible,’ says Pope Francis

Pope Francis has changed Roman Catholic Church policy on the death penalty to say it is always inadmissible because it attacks the inherent dignity of all humans. The human rights advocacy group, Amnesty International is praising the pope for his »

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Solid vote to request Papal apology

Canada’s Parliament overwhelming vote to request Pope Francis apologise for residential schools It was a private member’s motion and it has passed almost unanimously in Canada’s House of Commons. It calls on the Pope to apologize for the Catholic Church’s »

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Parliamentary Debate: Papal apology for role in disastrous residential schools.

Today the Canadian Parliament will begin debate  on whether to ask Pope Francis to issue a formal apology for the role of the Catholic Church in the tragic residential school system That system was an over 100 year bitterly dark »