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All things cat: Meowfest in Toronto

It seems lots of people love cats, and lots hate them, with a lot of leftover space in the middle ground. But for those who love the furry critters, this July 6th in Toronto “Meowfest” is being staged hosted by »

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Declawing cats: Petition started against “cruel practice”

A campaign called “feline from head to claw” has been launched by the Montreal branch of the Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) It has created petition to get the Quebec veterinarians society (OMVQ) to issue a ban »

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Vets’ association calls removing cats’ claws cruel, unnecessary

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says the procedure should not be called declawing but rather partial digital amputation of cats, and it has taken an official position opposing it. For years, many Canadian pet owners have routinely asked vets to »

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The animal tragedy of “moving day” in Quebec

It happens every year in the mostly French-speaking province of Quebec. July 1st, Canada Day is the day when most of the provinces rental leases expire. Tens of thousands of Quebeckers change apartments every Juiy 1st, but in many cases »