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The wonderful world of snake oil promoters and people who believe them

Claims vs science: New Canadian series explores miracle diets, anti-ageing cures, and other wellness fads A Canadian researcher and specialist in health issues has travelled the world looking at all kinds of so-called health remedies. It’s all explored in a »

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Editing the human gene: science and ethics

A recent development in genetics research has enabled scientists to cut and paste genetic information much more rapidly, more accurately, and much less expensive than ever before. Because of this, scientists also expressed concern about controlling the process especially since »

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Cosmetic claims of youthful skin, healthy hair: “It’s all baloney”

“Restores youthful skin..”; “gives healthy stronger hair…”, etc.  These are typical kinds of claims made by cosmetics firms to sell their products. To support such claims, the manufacturers often tout ingredient claims ranging from added vitamins, to age-repairing anti-oxidants, also often »

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Scientific community concern over genetic manipulation

Scientists are always trying to push the boundaries of knowledge, but now some are calling for a pause in a specific area of research. The ability to now “edit” the human genome,  or “genetic engineering” has the potential for great »