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Cuban vacation: Canadian warns of rare disease to be aware of

“Cave disease” Canadians, and many others, love to go to warm southern vacation destinations to escape less than enjoyable seasonal weather at home. A Newfoundland couple were overjoyed to have won a trip to Cuba in April. Instead of coming »

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Massive cave discovered in western Canada

A huge cave gouged by melting snow and glaciers may be the biggest in Canada. The formation was spotted in April 2018 during helicopter passes to count caribou in Wells Gray Provincial Park in the western province of British Columbia. »

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Cave rescue: ‘They can’t just drag the kids through’

Trying to rescue 12 boys and their coach through a cave with varying levels of water is an enormously complicated task which would require the use of scuba gear, says a Canadian spelunker. Many of the children trapped in Thailand »


Hobbyists find deep cave wrought by ice under Montreal

Tourists have been visiting a cavern under Montreal for decades, but some hobbyist spelunkers have broken through a wall to find a massive underground extension, reports CBC.  The caverns were formed during the last ice age more than 15,000 years »

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White nose disease of bats reaches west coast

Biologists and conservationists in west coast British Columbia are now very concerned about ‘white nose syndrome” in bats. The disease is actually a whitish fungus that attacks the fleshy portions of bats, around their muzzles near the nose, hence “white »

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Canadian helps dig up new species linked to humans

Scientists had to squeeze through several narrow rock fissures in South Africa to find the remains of 15 creatures related to humans. The newly-found species has been named naledi after the Sesotho word for “star,” and genus is Homo, the »