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Much-loved humourist and radio host dies

It is perhaps because he reflected so much that is Canadian that there is such an outpouring of grief and tributes for CBC radio host Stuart McLean after his death. For more than 20 years, McLean regaled his listeners with »


CBC is among Canada’s10 most influential brands

Technology-focused companies topped the list of ten most influential brands in Canada as ranked by the Institute of Communication Agencies and the Ipsos polling firm. The list was unveiled at an advertising and marketing event in Toronto. People’s opinions culled »

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Canada gears up for game show featuring books

The public broadcaster, CBC has announced the host for its annual game show called Canada Reads 2017. Actor and stand-up comedian, Ali Hassan will host what he calls a reality game show that is a battle of the books. A »


Gordie Tapp, entertainer extraordinaire, takes his final bow

He was known to generations in Canada and the US where he was a popular host, character actor, writer, pitchman, and amazing joke teller. Gordie Tapp died this Sunday in a Burlington, Ontario hospital at age 94. He began his »

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Public broadcaster seeks new funding model

Decimated by years of budget cuts by successive governments, CBC/Radio-Canada is asking the government to boost and stabilize its funding. An extra $318 million annually would enable it to stop selling advertising. Private media have recently complained that the public »

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History: Nov 2, 1936 -Canada’s Public Broadcaster birthday: 80 today

Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, is 80 years old today. Modelled somewhat on the BBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation came into being on November 2, 1936. Surprisingly many of the issues that led to the creation of the CBC, are »

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History: Television begins in Canada, Sept.06, 1952

The new technology of television had been amazing visitors to the annual Canadian Nation Exhibition in Toronto since before the Second World War. Indeed there had been some brief experiments in actual broadcast television as far back as 1932 based »


Public broadcaster’s news anchor to retire

The CBC’s veteran news anchor Peter Mansbridge announced that he will retire on July 1, 2017 and viewers are wondering who will replace him. There is always chatter when a major news anchor steps down, partly because they generally stay »

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Activist wants CBC to stop covering Calgary Stampede

Animal rights activists have long complained about the big annual rodeo called the Calgary Stampede and one is calling on the public broadcaster CBC to stop showing it. The event which attracts about one million visitors to western Canada every July »

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Hospital delays informing patient of potential cancer

So we’re sitting here on a holiday in one of the richest countries in the world only to hear news that a hospital did not inform a patient about a spot on her lung for 11 months. CBC investigated the »