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Lack of competition blamed for high cost of cell phone plans

Canada’s Competition Bureau has found that wireless plans are more expensive in parts of Canada where the three major telecom companies have no strong competitor. Canadians have long complained they pay some of the highest prices for cell phone plans »

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Tracking your child’s mobile phone

Location tracking and social media. It’s late and your teenage child hasn’t come home. Do you find out by tracking the GPS location? Should you be monitoring your child’s activity on social media? An expert says this is fairly common, »

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Mobile phones: too much time for children and parents

A new poll found some perhaps not so surprising results regarding cell phone use. Some 54 per cent of teens asked said they spent too much time on their phones while two-thirds of parents were concerned over their children’s use »


Distracted driving video features Trudeau and Santa

Cheesy or attention-grabbing? Canadians will have something to debate over holiday gatherings with family now that the government has released a YouTube video about distracted driving. The video starts with a shot of Santa putting his cell phone into airplane »


Family cell phone plans cost a fortune. Why am I surprised?

Scrolling through a CBC story on the cost of cell phone plans in Canada, I was shocked to look at what families pay every month. I can’t tell you why this was not already obvious to me. The market is »

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Canadians get some relief from high cellphone costs

A new code of conduct for wireless companies in Canada will provide some respite for consumers who pay some of the highest cellphone fees in the world. “94 per cent of the cell phone market in Canada is controlled by »