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Would your relationship survive phone spying?

How would you react if someone, a partner, a friend or a colleague snooped into your phone? Some may get angry right away and consider it a serious intrusion into their privacy, even leading to the end of a relationship. »


Distracted drivers nabbed in record numbers in Saskatchewan

Police in the western province of Saskatchewan stopped a record number of people for distracted driving in the month of March. Out of a total of 711 distracted driving offences, 583 involved cellphones. The penalty for distracted driving in Saskatchewan »


Deaths from distracted driving increase again

Police warn distracted driving is the top cause of road deaths in the province of Ontario and the toll has increased for the fifth consecutive year. Many schools, colleges and universities in Canada close for a week in March, and »


Law would ban cell phone use while crossing roads

Distracted pedestrians are more likely to be hit when crossing the street so a member of the provincial government of Ontario is proposing a law to improve safety. The Phones Down, Heads Up Act was tabled today in the legislature »


Cellphone outage hit swaths of Atlantic Canada

Technology is great until it fails and you realize much you depend on it. A cut cable caused massive cellphone and some landline outages in Canada’s four eastern-most provinces today. It started at 11:20 am local time and made it »

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Toronto school bans phones in class, other schools say bring them.

The Earl Grey Public School in Toronto has banned mobile phones from the classroom and the school hallways. The ban goes into effect today. The 12 and 13 year-old students  at the junior high school (grades 7-8) were told their »


Fined for not giving up phone password at border

Canadian Alain Philippon was fined $500 for refusing to give border guards at an eastern Canadian airport the password to his cellphone. Philippon originally said he would fight the charge of hindering or obstructing border officials. But today his lawyer »


Police officer ‘abused his power’ in seizing phone

A police officer abused his authority when he seized and searched the cellphone of a driver he had pulled over, ruled a police ethics committee in the province of Quebec on Feb. 22, 2013.  It is illegal in Quebec to »


Cellphone frustration spawns business, program

Frustration with mobile companies is so high in Canada that businesses have sprung up to help people deal with them, and the public broadcaster, CBC, has produced a program about it. Canadian cellphone fees are among the highest in the »


Supreme Court rules on police mobile phone searches

In a precedent setting ruling, Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled police can search your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other device without a warrant. In a narrow 4-3 decision the court ruled that in a lawful arrest, police are not »