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Rolling back vehicle emission standards in U.S. will affect Canada

Canada will have to decide what to do in light of the U.S. decision to ease emissions standards for cars and trucks. In 2014, Canada and the United States jointly adopted rules to radically increase fuel efficiency of the vehicles »

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Coral reefs have not enough time to recover: study

Climate change is raising ocean temperatures and a new study shows that is causing coral bleaching so frequent that reefs don’t have enough time to recover. The study published in the journal Science looked at 100 coral reefs around the »

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Coal investments subvert Canada’s climate policy: advocacy group

Canadian pension funds and corporations are subverting federal government efforts to phase out coal worldwide, says John Bennett, senior policy advisor with the Friends of the Earth Canada. Canada named 8th largest investor in coal In October 2017, Canada teamed »

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Climate change doubles western U.S. forests burned: study

A new study suggests that human-caused climate change has doubled the amount of U.S. land burned by forest fires since 1984. The study’s lead author says climate change knows no borders and conditions are similar in Canada. A massive fire »

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Pact will control emissions on international flights eventually

The UN’s aviation arm has agreed to a scheme to control climate-change emissions from international flights after 2020. The agreement was overwhelmingly adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at a meeting in Montreal. Under the agreement, 65 countries, »

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Defrosting Arctic releasing powerful greenhouse gas

Vast quantities of methane are locked in the frozen ground and sea beds of the Arctic, and the warmer it gets, the more will be released contributing to climate change. 25 times more potent than CO2 “Methane is a potent »

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‘Climate…gives us much cause for alarm’: UN

The U.N. weather agency notes that the world temperature records were broken again in May 2016, accompanied by flooding in Europe and the southern U.S., early Arctic sea ice melting and severe bleaching of coral reefs around the world. Using »

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2016 temperatures already above average

Western Canada has been hotter and dryer than normal, enabling much bigger fires to break out earlier than usual in the boreal forest. Some 90,000 people had to evacuate Fort MacMurray as fire ripped through parts of the town and »

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Sierra Club urges quick action on climate change

Traditionally, new government leaders spend 100 first days in office before they are assessed, but Canada’s new prime minister must work much more quickly than that on climate change, says the environmental group Sierra Club Canada Foundation. Prime minister-elect Justin »

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Mayor issues climate change challenge to business

The mayor of Vancouver is recruiting businesses to get involved in the fight against climate change. Ten companies and organizations have already signed the Vancouver Climate Pledge which commits them to “voicing their support for stronger action on climate change »