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COVID-19: Company charged for price gouging during pandemic

Unfortunately, it is perhaps not to be unexpected that people and companies would try to take advantage of others concerns and profit from it. While there have been cases of individuals bulk buying scarce products to create temporary shortages and »

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Canadians may face fines for disobeying COVID-19 isolation/closure orders

Across Canada at both the provincial and federal levels, governments are threatening sterner measures against those who fail to obey self-isolation or store closing orders. On Sunday, federal health minister Patty Hajdu said the federal government is now exploring the »

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SNC-Lavalin pleads guilty to fraud in Libya case, corruption charges dropped

Canadian engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin has pleaded guilty to one charge of fraud and will pay a $280-million fine in relation to its dealings in Libya, federal prosecutors announced in court Wednesday in Montreal. The prosecution is also recommending »

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China set to charge detained Canadians with spying

Chinese authorities are getting ready to charge two Canadian citizens held for a year with spying “for foreign forces,” a spokesperson for Chinese foreign ministry said Tuesday. Speaking to reporters during the regular press briefing in Beijing, Hua Chunying said the »


Cyclists vs cars: charges laid in physical incident in Toronto

Just the latest of many such altercations In Canada, the battle between motor vehicles and cyclists over sharing road space continues with no let up. Both sides typically accuse the other of bad behaviour. This has led to a rising »

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Criminal Charges withdrawn against high-ranking military officer (interview)

The Crown has withdrawn criminal charges of breach of trust against the Royal Canadian Navy Vice Admiral Mark Norman. The case involves the stop-gap purchase and conversion of a cargo-ship into a naval re-supply vessel. The officer was accused of »

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Ontario’s strict anti-smoking laws: Over enthusiastic enforcement?

Since 2006, Ontario has been instituting increasing limitations on the sale and use of tobacco; Those laws now include no smoking in enclosed public spaces, enclosed work spaces, in vehicles with passengers under age 16, no smoking on bar and »


Toronto policeman convicted of attempted murder

It has been an extremely controversial case ever since a young man was shot and killed by police around midnight on July 27, 2013. Sammy Yatim was an average 18-year-old when for no apparent reason he exposed his genitals on »

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Police charge a Syrian officer in Arar case

Canada’s national police, the RCMP, have charged a former Syrian military intelligence officer for alleged involvement in the torture of Canadian Maher Arar more than a decade ago.  The whereabouts of Col George Salloum are unknown. Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian, »