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List rates Canadian charities on the basis of their impact

The end of the year is a time when Canadians remember that if they donate to a registered charity by December 31st they may claim a tax credit for the year. But with so many reports over the years of »

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Canadian charities ask Ottawa for $10B to survive the pandemic

A coalition of 150 Canadian charities is urging the federal government to offer an urgent $10-billion financial lifeline to prevent the “irreparable collapse” of the struggling sector and the programs it offers to vulnerable Canadians and abroad. In an open »

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The Good, and the bad, of disaster relief

With the destruction of a substantial part of the northern Alberta town of Fort McMurray, there has been a generous outpouring of donations from across Canada to help the tens of thousands temporarily displaced. With some 2600 buildings burned, thousands »

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Are charities’ tax status assessed fairly: group

Canada’s conservative government audited left-wing charities for “political” activities but has it also audited right-leaning charities, asks the Broadbent Institute, a think tank dedicated to principles of social democracy. Under Canadian law, charities are exempted from paying tax as long »