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Canadians donating less due to COVID and WE Charity scandal, survey

A new survey by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute seems to reinforce what charities have been saying: Canadians are giving less since the pandemic began. This is even as the need for various charitable services has increased during this time. »

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Political scandal causes sponsors to reassess their association with WE Charity

In light of the deepening political storm about the Liberal government’s contract and connections to the WE Charity, longtime sponsors have begun to distance themselves from the organisation. WE Charity is an international development charity focussing on developing countries and »


The Merb’ys calendar returns!

They’re back! The Newoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club have once again ‘finned’ up for another calendar saying, “We can help fill your quota of awesome” The ‘Merb’ys’ (Newfoundland for Mer-boys or mer-buddy’s) for a couple of years now »


Atheism is not a religion, Canadian court rules

A bid by a group dedicated to promotion of atheism to get registered as a Church for tax purposes inspired little faith in a Canadian court that found that it didn’t fit the criteria for a religious organization. In a »

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Canadian charity teams up with egg farmers to care for African orphans

Janine and Ian Maxwell want your money. Not all of it… But as much as you can spare to help them care for more than 250 orphans and abandoned babies at their orphanage in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) and »

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Let your moustache raise money for men’s health

If you suddenly see more men with a moustache than usual, don’t be afraid…. They do it for a good cause. Since 2003, the month of November has resonated with Movember for many men around the world who grow a »

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Old bread to new beer-reducing waste for a good cause

A charity organisation and a brewery in Alberta are the latest to get into a recent form of “recycling”. The Calgary-based Leftovers Foundation gets donations of food and also of day-old bread from local bakeries which they provide to their »

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Donating to charities, which ones work best?

People who give to charities want to know that their donated money is achieving the goal and/or reaching the people it is intended for. But not all charities are equal. The organisation called Charity Intelligence Canada evaluates charities to see »

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Beloved Montreal priest dies

Father Emmet Johns was a priest in Montreal, but one who’s “chapel” was mostly the downtown streets of the city. His death at age 89 was announced this past weekend. In 1988, after a lifetime as a parish priest, at »

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Today is “Giving Tuesday”- annual charity day

As we approach the Christmas and holiday season, it’s a traditional high mark in the year for donating to charities. After the shopping sales frenzy of the American-inspired “Black Friday”, followed by online sales called “Cyber Monday”, charities began the »