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Gender equality emphasized on rights charter anniversary

Gender equality emphasized on rights charter anniversary In lauding the 37th anniversary of the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms today, the justice minister focussed on gender equality and women’s empowerment. “We are fortunate to have a» 

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G7 plastic charter not enough, say environmentalists

Only five of the seven countries agreed to a charter to limit plastic pollution, and the charter is a non-binding, voluntary agreement which will not solve the problem, says Farrah Khan, a Greenpeace Canada plastics campaigner. The charter focuses on» 

Environment, International, Politics

Plastic policy sought at G7 and in Canada

Canada is expected to propose a charter to reduce plastic pollution at the upcoming meeting of the G7 leaders in Charlevoix, Quebec. More than 40 Canadian environmental groups are urging the Canadian government to promote such a charter at the» 

Immigration & Refugees, International

Canada-U.S. refugee agreement to be challenged in court

An asylum-seeker from El Salvador and advocacy groups will go to court to argue that Canada’s agreement with the U.S.on refugees violates her rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This Safe Third Country Agreement assumes that Canada» 


Fined for not giving up phone password at border

Canadian Alain Philippon was fined $500 for refusing to give border guards at an eastern Canadian airport the password to his cellphone. Philippon originally said he would fight the charge of hindering or obstructing border officials. But today his lawyer» 


Judge reaffirms right to protest in the street

A judge has ruled that police cannot use an article in a highway safety code in the province of Quebec to stop protests because that would violate citizens’ rights under the constitution. The ruling acquits a protester who was fined»