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Man fined $30K for smuggled cheese

A man who tried to smuggle about four tonnes of cheese into Canada earlier this year has five years to pay a $30,000-fine with a minimum payment of $1,000 each year for failing to declare the goods, an Ontario court »

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Canada’s first “GM free” cheese products

A Canadian cheesemaker is set to market the first non-genetically modified cheese in this country. Bothwell Cheese of  Winnipeg  says starting in 2017  it will market a line of cheeses that will have been made with milk from cows certified »

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The best cheeses of Canada.

Yes folks, one of Canada’s top cheesy events is coming up, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. This year judging takes place February 21-22, with winners announced at the Gala of Champions on April 22nd, in Toronto, Ontario Every two years »