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Parents find cannabis candies in child’s Halloween treats

Parents in Nova Scotia discovered an edible cannabis product in the bag of candy their child collected on Halloween. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), parents from Coldbrook, Annapolis Valley, told investigators that their child was part of» 

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Supreme Court: Police don’t need a warrant in child luring stings

The case involved child luring over the internet. Police in Newfoundland in an undercover operation created some fake online profiles on Facebook and with hotmail email addresses pretending to be two underage girls.. A man later exchanged sexually explicit messages» 


Store clerk quits over child piercing incident

Raylene Marks says she quit her job after an incident involving a child crying that she did not want her ears pierced and her mother insisting it be done. Marks worked at a Claire’s accessories store near the western city» 

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Household disinfectants and childhood obesity

New study shows a possible link The commercials say over and over, protect your family from bacteria and use our disinfectants and eliminate all those nasty bacteria. Parents of course want to protect their children from all harm or danger,» 

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Children’s photos online may be misused, warns author

It can be irresistible to post a cute video or photo of a child on social media, but experts warn that photos can go viral or be exploited by others and never be deleted. “You need to be aware that» 


Canadians urged to fight sexual exploitation of children

For the fifth year in a row, a national charity is urging Canadians to report the online sexual exploitation of children or any behaviour they find to be suspicious. Cybertip.ca gets an average of 3,300 reports each month. Since its» 

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Canada signs global treaty to reduce child labour

Canada has ratified an international agreement to reduce child labour around the world. The International Labour Organization’s Minimum Age Convention, 1973, requires participating countries to ban employment of children under 15 years old. It also prohibits hazardous work for those» 

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Killing of gorilla raises questions about zoos

A Cincinnati zoo’s decision to shoot and kill a gorilla has sparked dramatic and wildly varying reaction. A four-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure on Saturday. A 200-kg male gorilla named Harambe at times seemed protective of the boy»