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Asian History Month: Private Frederick Lee, Canadian soldier WWI

As Canada entered the First World War, anti-Chinese immigrant sentiment was still very strong. In fact neither Chinese immigrants nor their descendants were allowed to become Canadian citizens. Fred Lee came from a large and relatively successful family in Kamloops »

William Gun Chong circa 1943. Photo presumably taken between missions when he was often dressed in worn clothes as a homeless peasant to avoid Japanese forces attention as he carried out his missions ( via Chinese Canadian Military Museum)

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Asian Heritage Month: Canadian secret agent and hero William Gun Chong

The unlikely Canadian undercover agent awarded the British Empire Medal Unlike the dapper spies of movies, an undercover agent has to be inconspicuous. Thus, Canadian Bill Chong, often dressed like a homeless peasant became one of the most successful of »


Training provided to boost Chinese tourism in Montreal

Members of Montreal’s tourism industry were given a one-day training program yesterday on how to “effectively welcome Chinese tourists and cater to their preferences.” The program was offered by Tourisme Montréal, a private, non-profit that works to promote both business »


City of Vancouver to apologize to Chinese community

The mayor of the western city of Vancouver will apologize on April 22, 2018 for past discrimination against citizens of Chinese descent. In 2015, the premier of the province of British Columbia apologized for racist and discriminatory policies to this »

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“China Clipper”- Passing of ground-breaking sportsman

Player who broke the N.H.L. colour barrier dies at age 94 In the past, professional sports were almost an exclusive club where visible minorities were excluded. Famous black baseball player Jackie Robinson broke that sport’s colour barrier in Montreal Canada. »

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British Columbia: Back again- the language on signs

Chinese only signs alienate residents The town of Richmond British Columbia has grown exponentially in the past few decades. From what had been a relatively sleepy area decades ago of mostly “white” Canadians, some 78.000 in 1981, with a tiny »

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Asian history month: The exceptional Chinese-Canadian man who broke ethnic barriers

His name was William King Lowd Lore. He was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1909. At the time, and for decades previously and for decades afterward, anyone of Chinese decent in Canada faced major discrimination hurdles.  This amazingly included »

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1933 soccer team honoured in Asian Heritage Month

The Chinese Students’ Soccer Team was formed in Vancouver in 1920 and its success provided hope and inspiration at a time of discrimination against the Chinese community in Canada. The team is one of a list of “Notable Canadians of »


Chinese and South Asian mental health patients experience greater illness severity

Mentally ill Chinese and South Asian patients in Ontario experience much more severe symptoms by the time they get to hospital than patients from other groups, according to a new study that looked at association between illness severity and cultural background. The »

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The Chinese immigrant experience in early Canada: Alison Marshall

Chinese immigrants began to trickle in to Canada in the early 19th century, then in greater numbers in the latter part as labourers were needed for Canada’s great project of a national railway. But even as the brand new country »