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Canadian government approves plan to have NHL play hockey in Canada

The Canadian government has approved the National Hockey League’s plan to have a safe return to play in Canada, according to an announcement from Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland today. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S.-Canada border is »

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Trudeau fell silent for 21 seconds after being asked about Trump

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hesitated for 21 seconds on Tuesday before answering a question about President Donald Trump’s threat to use military force to quell protests gripping the United States. After several attempts to utter something, Trudeau eventually spoke without »

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Biden says he’ll cancel Keystone XL if he wins election

The long and winding saga of the Keystone XL pipeline has taken another turn. The presumptive Democratic candidate for president of the United States, Joe Biden, says he will cancel the project if he is elected. Biden made the announcement »

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The personal protective equipment bronco keeps on bucking

The quest for medical supplies to combat COVID-19 sure isn’t pretty, eh?  “It is really a Wild West when it comes to buying medical supplies right now,” Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters on April 6.  And how is »

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Trump hints at easing restrictions at Canada-U.S. border

Donald Trump is signalling that Washington may be prepared to begin easing travel restrictions at the Canada-U.S. border. An agreement the two countries negotiated in March to restrict all non-essential travel to try to slow the spread of COVID-19 is »

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U.S. troops at the border: Idea is scrapped…’for now’

CBC News has confirmed reports that the United States has dropped a proposal to station American troops near the U.S.-Canada border as part of a COVID-19 containment strategy. The CBC’s Catherine Tunney, Philip Ling and Katie Simpson report that a »

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Canada-U.S border is shutting down

Canada and the U.S. are closing their mutual border in a further attempt to fight the spread of COVID-19. The decision announced today will allow trade to continue, but border crossings and flights for things like vacations are restricted. In »

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Ottawa issues warning against international travel

The federal government is warning Canadians against international travel and, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, it’s also considering closing the Canadian border as part of the country’s reponse to the the global outbreak of COVID-19. Speaking from self-isolation from his »

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New cabinet committee will deal with COVID-19 outbreak

As governments and health officials around the world continue to deal with COVID-19, Canada’s federal government has struck a new cabinet committee to deal with the novel coronavirus outbreak. The announcement comes a day after the number of COVID-19 cases »

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Washington USMCA talks appear to heat up

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says she and her American and Mexican counterparts are determined to push their new trade agreement, known officially as the USMCA and unofficially as the new NAFTA, “across the finish line.” Freeland made the comments »