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Canada’s major banks committed to take action during COVID-19 outbreak

Canada’s six major banks announced last night that they are taking action to help its customers throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Starting now, the National Bank, Bank of Montreal(BMO), TD Bank, CIBC, RBC Royal Bank, and Scotiabank, are committed to working» 


Before I die: list of things to do

Things to do before you “kick the bucket”. The term “bucket list” has only entered the popular lexicon since the 2007 Hollywood movie of the same name. Usually the list consists of things people would like to do, see, or» 

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Working women earning far less than men: survey

Surveys and studies continue to confirm what a whole of of people already knew anecdotally: it’s not especially easy being a working woman in Canada. For example, Statistics Canada reported last December that about one in five females is harassed» 


An expensive bachelor’s degree is not enough: survey

A majority of Canadian post-secondary students do not think they will get a job after spending tens of thousands of dollars to get their first degree. A poll by the CIBC, a major Canadian bank, found 74 per cent of» 

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Here’s money, I love you, now please move out

It’s a fact of modern life where the ever increasing cost of living is changing life styles. A new survey by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) shows Canadian parents are willing to give thousands of dollars to their» 

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Women, the poor spend more on aging parent care

Care of an aging parent is costing Canadians $33 billion a year and that number will grow, according to a new report by a major Canadian bank, CIBC. The sum is a calculation of direct out-of-pocket expenses and time off» 

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Project seeks to improve work chances for those with disabilities

A new survey suggests that Canadians who have disabilities have a harder time getting jobs, but a new initiative is seeking to improve their chances. A survey commissioned by the CIBC bank found that only half of the disabled respondents» 

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Skittish Canadians saving cash, investing less

Canadians are holding a record $75 billion in cash reserves that they would normally invest in the markets, says CIBC, a large financial institution. That represents almost 10 per cent of the total value of personal liquid assets in Canada.» 

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Canadians less confident about their finances: CIBC poll

As Canadians survey the ravages of the holiday season and the continuously diving loonie on their wallets, the good news is over two-thirds say they still feel positive about their current financial situation. The bad news, according a recent poll» 

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Canadians went deeper into debt in 2015

Canadians spent the last year racking up a record-high debt-to-income ratio that has the Bank of Canada more than a little concerned. Statistics Canada data released earlier this month showed the amount of Canadians’ household debt compared with disposable income»