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Climate change: Are polar bears doomed?

All populations could decline by 30 percent by 2050 A just released report has cast even more concern about the future of the polar bear survival as a species. The international study involved research scientists from the US, Canada, and» 

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Cancer rates skyrocketing in Arctic, especially Canada

Cancer was once a very rare occurrence among indigenous people in the far north. Now almost everyone has experienced a death of a loved one from the disease. A new international study shows that in the circumpolar region,  rates of» 

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International action plan to save the polar bear

For years, there have been concerns raised about the plight of what is arguably the Arctic’s most iconic animal. Threatened by climate change and melting ice, there have been many studies showing some populations of the bears are thinner, mating» 

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Eye on the Arctic – Concerns over Canada’s Arctic Council chairmanship

Canada will take centre stage on northern issues when it assumes chairmanship of the Arctic Council from Sweden on May 15th. But already, some observers are voicing concerns about Canada’s two-year stewardship of the organization. Canada has stated that promoting»