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New ‘COVID Alert’ tracing app has a major accessiblity flaw: expert

A new COVID-19 tracing app launched last Friday by the federal government–amidst much fanfare and high hopes–is already coming under sharp criticism. At least one expert says the “COVID-Alert” app will be inaccessible to many older Canadians and members of »

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Researchers say Canadian technology used to censor internet internationally

It’s been alleged for years that Canadian technology is being used to filter internet access in certain countries. The Citizen Lab  at the University of Toronto, which first exposed the concern and has been tracking the issue since 2013. This week »

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Canada’s security law modified but still leaves serious concerns

It’s called Bill C-59. It is the Liberal government’s modifications to the previous Conservative government’s Bill (and subsequent law) C-51, but according to two advocacy groups, it also introduces a host of new issues and concerns. At the time many »

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‘Inside the Battle for Cyberspace’ with Ronald Deibert

Since 2001 political scientist Ronald Deibert and the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto have been trying to show how the Internet/cyberspace is used and misused, how much of a digital footprint we leave every single day, and who »