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Canada initiates action to revoke citizenship

The Federal government announced this week that it has begun the first case of revoking citizenship under a new law. The new law, first introduced last June, went into effect this May and would enable the government to revoke citizenship» 

Immigration & Refugees, International, Politics, Society

Canada: Dramatic drop in citizenship, concern over disengaged immigrants

A former Director General of the Citizenship and Multiculturalism Branch, at the miinistry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada says there’s been a dramatic drop in the number of immigrants becoming citizens, and Andrew Griffith suggests this could lead to a greater» 


Despite court ruling, PM says wearing of niqab during citizenship ceremony ‘offensive’, will appeal decision

At a meeting Thursday (February 12) in the Canadian province of Quebec Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the wearing of a niqab or any other face covering during a Canadian citizenship ceremony was “offensive”. “I believe, and I think most Canadians» 


‘Welcome to Canada’ official handbook to assist immigrants

Subtitled “What you should know” the new guide for immigrants in Canada was released this week by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. The 143-page document covers a wide range of topics from making a telephone call, to healthcare, and»