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Concerns about civil rights over new drunk driving law

New drunk driving laws have come into effect in Canada, and have caused quite a stir in the legal community not the least of which involves civil rights issues Micheal Engel (BA, LLB) has a legal practice in Toronto specialising »


 Viola Desmond: North America’s first civil rights pioneer- featured on banknote

After much debate about who should be portrayed on the next series of Canadian banknotes, it was announced in 2016 that Viola Desmond would be among those to be featured. Years before American Rosa Parks protested for her civil rights »


Supreme Court rules against Christian university law school

Religious freedom vs civil rights Trinity Western University (TWU) is an independent evangelical Christian university in British Columbia. As a requirement for students, they must agree not to engage in sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage. The “Community Covenant” is »

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More honours for Canadian who stood against segregation

Long before America’s Rosa Parks, there was Canada’s Viola Desmond Many people know of American Rosa Parks and cite her as the first to stand up for the civil rights of blacks in the U.S.  But Rosa Parks is the »

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‘I Am Not Your Negro’ screens in Montreal under the stars

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ is one of the films programmed in the Cinema sous les Etoiles, (Cinema under the Stars) festival in the Montreal region this summer. “I think there’s an appetite for documentary films’ ‘I Am Not Your »

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Update: Woman chosen to grace new series of Canadian banknote

It’s been a long time coming, but the official notice was given in a press conference today on which remarkable Canadian woman we be the first to have a prominent place on a Canadian banknote. The final choice, Viola Desmond, »


Ferry named after civil rights hero

Viola Desmond’s name graces the bow of a new ferry serving eastern Canada in honour of her fight against racism and segregation, reports CBC. In 1946, Desmond went to a movie theatre in New Glasgow, in the eastern province of »

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Legal challenge launched against Canada’s “terrorism” law

It was known as Bill C-51- the anti-terrorism act, but it was passed into law in June of this year, in spite of loud protests and demonstrations across the country. Critics, which include former Prime Ministers and Supreme Court Justices, »

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Four former PMs question proposed anti-terrorism law, more debate in Commons

Controversy and debate over the Canadian government’s proposed Anti-terrorism Act, 2015, Bill C-51 continues. A public opinion poll released Thursday (February 19) by the Angus Reid Institute found a majority of Canadians support the legislation. But an article signed by »