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Multi-million dollar class-action settlement for vaginal mesh

Hundreds of Canadian women have been awarded a settlement of $21.5 million related to a medical device called ‘trans-vaginal mesh”. The polypropylene screen is used to as a sort of sling to support and treat stress urinary incontinence or pelvic »


Drug companies sued over opioid addictions

A Toronto law firm has commenced a class action lawsuit against 28 pharmaceutical companies on behalf of people who were prescribed and became addicted to opioids. It is seeking $1.1 billion in damages in Ontario Superior Court. In the past, »


Canada fined millions for keeping mentally ill inmates in solitary

A court has ruled Canada’s penitentiary service will have to pay tens of millions of dollars for holding inmates it knew were mentally ill in solitary confinement. In what the service calls administrative segregation, inmates are isolated in very small »

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale- “no ginger” lawsuit settled in U.S., begins in Canada

On the tins the label reads “made from real ginger”. except it apparently isn’t. Invented in Toronto Canada in 1904, Canada Dry became popular in the U.S. as a mixer for alcoholic drinks during prohibition.  The name has been owned »

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Youths want to sue Canada over climate change inaction

An environmental group has applied to launch a class action suit against the government of Canada alleging ‘its greenhouse gas reduction target is not ambitious enough to avoid dangerous climate change.” ENvironnement JEUnesse is based in the province of Quebec »

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German automakers under fire-again

A billion dollar lawsuit has been filed in Canada against Mercedes Benz, VW, Porsche, Audi, and BMW. In the aftermath of “dieselgate” where VW was found to have falsified emissions controls so that their TDI models only activated emissions controls »

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Landmark legal case: Canadian precedent- international implications

A win for the Davids vs the Goliaths A woman in west coast British Columbia was surprised and angry to discover Facebook had used her image and the fact that she “liked” a product. for the intenet giant’s own commercial »

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Workers sue safety board over explosion

Employees of two sawmills are suing a government safety board over explosions in 2012 that killed four of their colleagues and injured 42 others, reports Canadian Press. The Babine Forest Products mill and the Lakeland Mill in the western province »

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The conspiracy of lawnmowers

Yes, it sounds strange, and who afterall would think that industrial conspiracy would involve lawnmowers? But, that is the case. Two class action lawsuits in Canada have been brought against various lawn mower and small engine manufacturers. Many manufacturers/ suppliers »