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U.S use of toilet paper wiping out Canada’s forests

It seems “cleanliness” comes at a substantial hidden cost. Concerns are being raised once again in the latest report on consumption of  toilet paper and other tissue and the harm done to forests. The relatively inexpensive product we all use is »

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Alberta government approves controversial clear cut of forest

In a highly controversial move the government in Alberta has given a green light to a forestry company to clear cut a forest in the Kananaskis area of the province. The region, southwest of the urban centre of Calgary, will »

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Controversial forest clearcutting in Nova Scotia

Approvals and policies for clearcutting in the east coast maritime province of Nova Scotia have been raising the ire of residents and environmental groups. A recent decision by the provinces Natural Resources Minister, Lloyd Hines, will allow clearcutting of almost »

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Ecological emergency: call to save remaining West Coast old growth forest

Environmental groups are sounding an urgent alarm over logging of ancient trees, the “old growth” forest, throughout Canada’s Pacific coast province of British Columbia. The Sierra Club of B.C., in a press release said, 2,430 sq.km of rainforest were logged on »