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More young people drowning as warming temperatures thin lake ice

Canadian researchers say that as winters become milder and lake ice less stable, more children and young adults are falling through the ice and drowning. Researchers submitted statistics to support their findings from several countries including Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, »

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New law would oblige reporting on climate change action

The government of Canada has tabled legislation which proposes transparency and accountability to help it achieve net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.  If it is passed, the legislation would require the environment minister to set five-year targets for reducing »

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Power producer to close coal mine as part of switch to natural gas

TransAlta Corp. will stop extracting coal from its Highvale coal mine in western Canada by Dec. 31, 2021 as part of its plan to change all of its coal-fired plants to natural gas. Burning coal emits the greenhouse gas, carbon »

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Thawing permafrost called a threat to the world

Canada needs to cooperate closely and urgently with Russia and other Arctic nations to deal with the rapidly thawing ground, says a former premier of the Canadian territory of Yukon. “Permafrost functioned for thousand years like cement,” says Tony Penikett, »

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Canada rebuked on climate action, help for Indigenous people

Climate change is taking an increasing toll on Indigenous people and government action is described as inadequate by the non-profit, Human Rights Watch. It has issued a 120-page report which documents “how climate change is reducing First Nations’ traditional food »

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Nitrogen fertilizer, N2O, farming, and a ‘worst case’ climate scenario; study

While most have heard about the great concern from carbon dioxide and global warming/climate change resulting from burning of fossil fuels, methane gas has become another concern. Released from being from sources such as thawing permafrost and from livestock herds. »

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Canada deserves to share Nobel Peace Prize with WFP, UN agency says

Canada deserves its share of recognition for its help in combating world hunger, the United Nations World Food Program said Friday after the organization won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. WFP spokesperson Julie Marshall said Canada is the UN organization’s »

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Some High Arctic polar bears temporarily benefit from thinning ice: study

As climate change threatens the survival of several polar bear populations in the lower Arctic latitudes, thinning sea ice in a region of the High Arctic between Canada and Greenland has been a boon for a small subpopulation of bears, »

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Arctic sea ice shrinks to 2nd lowest level in 42 years

A record warm summer in the Arctic shrank the sea ice covering the polar ocean this year to its second-lowest extent since the beginning of the satellite record in 1979, scientists announced Monday, yet another sign of how climate change »


British Columbia approves municipal bans on single use plastics

The British Columbia government is moving towards banning single-use plastics in a number of municipalities within the province in order to prevent plastic waste from polluting communities, shorelines and landfills. According to a news release from B.C. on Saturday, the »