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Drop-in mental health clinic offers after-hours help to students

Health authorities have set up a new after-hours, mental health clinic at Western University in London, Ontario. It is running during the stressful exam period from mid-November to December 14th, three days a week from 5pm to 9pm. During the »

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Fighting against hospital parking fees.

The high cost of parking at hospitals has been a contentious issue for years. As an example, Ontario’s Health Minister says the province’s hospitals take in about $100 million per year from parking fees. While parking lots require expenditures, and »

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Safe injection site to stay open longer

Vancouver’s safe injection site will no longer close overnight on the days after government assistance payments are made. Health authorities in the west coast city noticed a spike in overdoses from opioids and other street drugs after welfare cheques are »

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Survivors demand a ban on paid blood donor clinics

The Canadian government should shut down a private clinic that pays for blood donations, say survivors of Canada’s tainted blood scandal. In what a public inquiry called “a nationwide public health calamity,” thousands of people were infected with HIV and »