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Huge iconic remnant of retail in Canada closing

One of the last great vestiges of retail in Canada is set to close. The giant ‘Bay’ store in Winnipeg, already hurting from changing shopping habits, has now succumbed to COVID. Hudson’s Bay announced it will close the operation in »


A city in shock- GM plant closes

By the time you read this, the last vehicle made by General Motors in Oshawa Ontario will have already rolled off the line, the last in over 100 years of automaking history at the plant. After a bitter year-long and »

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Canadian backlash against General Motors grows

City of Toronto siding with labour union: bans GM vehicles from Mexico After about 100 years of vehicle manufacturing in Oshawa Ontario, General Motors has decided to close its award-winning plant and move any future production to its U.S. and »

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Hard times for retail: Another major chain closure in Canada

The oldest retail chain empire in Canada, has decided to shut down a major subsidiary. Hudson’s Bay Canada (HBC) was founded in 1670 and has grown to an international operation. The retail giant announced this week it will be closing »

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Sting to support Oshawa GM workers

Brings “Last Ship” musical to Oshawa After 100 years or so of making vehicles in Oshawa, and as the major employer in the city, General Motors announced late last year it would close the plant. Sting (Gordon Sumner) knows what »

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General Motors: Firm on Oshawa closure

Union vows to continue pressure to maintain production The General Motors carmaker has had a major presence in the Oshawa area for some 100 years.  During the Second World War, the plant was a critical factor in the Allied victory »

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Major blow to Canada’s economy: GM automaker closing

In an announcement to be made within hours, General Motors is expected to announce the end of operations in the city of Oshawa Ontario Some 2700 unionised  and salaried jobs would be affected directly, but some 29,000 other auto industry »

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Contamination forces closure of shellfish fishery in Lower St. Lawrence

Contaminated water polluted by runoff from farms, upstream sewage discharges and bird droppings has forced the closure of shellfish fishery in parts of Lower St. Lawrence, federal authorities announced this week. The seasonal mandatory closure affects the maritime regions of »

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Decline of journalism in Canada: Part 1 of 2

For years, decades in fact, small and medium sized newspapers have been closing their doors while radio and TV stations have also been reducing their journalist staff. In many cases this is because the operations have been bought by bigger »

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Ottawa ‘concerned’ about Kenya’s plan to close world’s biggest refugee camp

Ottawa is adding its voice to a chorus of Western governments and international NGOs calling  on Kenya’s government to abandon its plan to close the world’s biggest refugee camp and send hundreds of thousands of Somalis back to their war-torn »