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Ontario increases business closures under emergency health order

After releasing computer projections showing the possible number of deaths that could occur from the novel coronavirus, Ontario has moved to enact further business closures in an effort to further reduce person-to-person infections The previous list of 74 business types »

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COVID-19 sweeps through Canadian economy

As cases of the novel coronavirus grow, so to the effects on business and the economy in sectors all across Canada. The airline industry has been hard hit with layoffs announced in almost all of Canada’s airlines as people are »


Ontario and Quebec order closure of all non-essential businesses

Canada’s two largest provinces are ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses as the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada surpassed 2,000 on Monday despite efforts to slow down the outbreak of the potentially deadly disease. The closures in Ontario »


CN tower reopens after ice storm hit Toronto

A nasty storm recently battered the city of Toronto with rain, freezing rain and strong winds forcing the closure of the landmark CN Tower On April 16th, 2018. Chunks of ice were falling on downtown streets and buildings from its »

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Whither journalism in Canada? Mergers, concentration, job losses.

It seems like every month there is a story of a newsroom being cut, or a radio station shutting down, or a media merger leading to newspaper closures and reporters being let go. In January alone over 200 media job »

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Canadian TV news service folds

After a brief passage across the Canadian media landscape, the Sun News TV Network has been switched off. Quebec-based media mogul, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, CEO of Quebecor,  announced the intention to start a “conservative” news service in 2010, and after a »

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Teachers ‘devastated’ by plans to close Toronto schools, impact on students

School closures in Canada’s largest city of Toronto will have a huge effect on poorer neighbourhoods and the community activities in those schools, according to the Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) which represents 11,000 teachers in theToronto District School Board »