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Legault hints at opening the front door to asylum seekers

The premier of Quebec appears to be walking back comments he made last week that seemed to slam the door on allowing asylum seekers working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis to stay in the province by applying »


Midnight brings a big change for Quebec pot smokers

As of midnight tonight, Quebecers under the age of 21 will not be allowed to buy or possess recreational cannabis. Elsewhere in Canada, cannabis is permitted at age 19, except in Alberta, where the legal age is 18. The Coalition »

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Protesters against controversial Quebec Bill 21 rally in Montreal

An estimated several hundred people turned out Sunday in Montreal for an anti-racism rally aimed at a pair of laws enacted earlier this year by Quebec’s provincial government that protesters say fuel discrimination. Bill 21 bars some public sector workers, »

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Racial profiling ruling in Montreal called “historic”

As Montrealers of good faith continue to try to bring an end to what the city’s black community says is systemic abuse and profiling that’s been happening for way longer than too many of them care to remember, a Quebec »

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Councillor who delivered racist remarks cast from her caucus

A local councillor in Montreal’s Anjou borough has been expelled from her party’s caucus following remarks she made about being treated by a doctor wearing a Hijab. “A veiled woman…grrrrr…if it hadn’t been an emergency I would have refused to »

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Quebec ombudsman rips CAQ’s handling of immigration file and files

There’s been another twist in the ongoing drama affecting potential immigrants to Quebec, many of whom the new Coalition Avenir Quebec government of Francois Legault would just as soon see apply to live somewhere else. The province’s ombudsman, Marie Rinfret »

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Judge slows Quebec’s new immigration plans

The right-of-centre Coalition Avenir Quebec government has suffered a setback its attempt to scrap a backlog of 18,000 applications by skilled workers to move to the province. A Superior Court judge on Monday issued a 10-day injunction that forces the »

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Demonstrators hit Montreal streets to protest CAQ ‘racist” policies

Less than a week after Francois Legault and his right-of-centre Coalition Avenir Quebec party swept to power in Quebec’s general election, a wide range of demonstrators took to the streets of Montreal on Sunday to protest what they say are »


Quebec polls deliver sweeping change

The political landscape in Quebec underwent a tectonic change Monday as voters in Canada’s French-speaking province elected a new centre-right party, tossing aside the two parties that had dominated Quebec politics for over half a century. Founded in 2011, Coalition »