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Coalition seeks independent body to deal with athlete abuse

A coalition of different sports organizations, researchers and retired athletes wants the government to establish a single, independent body to handle abuse, harassment and discrimination against athletes. “Right now we’re in a system that’s self-regulated,” says Ashely LaBrie, executive director »

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Returning jihadis: to kill or re-integrate?

Daesh, or the “Islamic State” is crumbling. (comments open-to post or read comments, scroll to bottom of page) Several countries involved in the fight against Daesh have said it would be better if their citizens who had joined the terrorist »

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Canadian aircraft still fighting Daesh

Under Canada’s previous Conservative government, six CF-18 fighter jets had joined the US-led coalition bombing mission in 2014 against the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. In February of this year,  a few months after being elected, the federal Liberal government »


Women’s groups seek to unite on some issues

Canada no longer has one national women’s group, but many diverse groups are looking for ways to unite on particular issues. The National Action Committee on the Status of Women was founded in 1972 and operated for 30 years. But »

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Canada to cease air strikes against ISIS by Feb. 22

Canada will stop its participation in coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) no later than Feb. 22, while it triples the number of special forces deployed to train Iraqi Kurdish forces on the ground for the next »

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Canadian fighter jets strike targets in Syria and Iraq

While federal politicians in Ottawa squabble over Canada’s role in the fight against ISIS militants, Canadian fighter jets in the region have been busy pounding the group’s positions in Syria and Iraq. Just in the last week of January, Canadian »

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EXCLUSIVE: UN report lays bare Yemen war abuses

A United Nations panel of experts is calling on the UN Security Council to establish an international commission of inquiry to investigate reports of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all warring parties in Yemen, including the Western-backed »

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Leaders won’t prop up Conservatives

It is looking increasingly like no one party will win a majority in the federal election on October 19, and the leaders of both main opposition parties say they would not form a coalition with the incumbent Conservatives should that »

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Russia in Syria will spur exodus, radicals: prof

Russian jets bombed targets in Syria for the second day and activists say they hit rebels backed by the United States and allies like Canada. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would target Islamic State extremist but his planes appear »