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Canada History: May 2, 2002: the passing of William Tutte, quiet war hero

Vital British codebreaker, renowned Canadian professor To the average person the name William Thomas “Bill” Tutte means nothing. In highly advanced mathematics circles and to math students in Ontario’s  University of Toronto and University of Waterloo he is well known »

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Building for change in the face of climate change

It was among the most violent storms recorded. Hurricane Dorian slowly smashed its way across the Bahamas and later to the U.S east coast and Canada’s maritime provinces. The incredible winds and massive rain and storm surges, caused total and »

International, Internet, Science & Technology

Ancient mystery: Canadian computer works on decoding

It is most certainly intriguing. In 1912, a Polish antique book dealer Wilfrid Voynich found a 240 page manuscript amongst a lot of old books he purchased in Italy. However, while heavily illustrated with plants and naked women, and symbols »


Fort Mac fire chief wants building code changes

The man in charge of the battle against the massive wildfire in Fort McMurray wants changes to the way houses are built to avoid future devastation, reports Canadian Press. The fire that engulfed this western Canadian city gutted thousands of »

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Canadians get some relief from high cellphone costs

A new code of conduct for wireless companies in Canada will provide some respite for consumers who pay some of the highest cellphone fees in the world. “94 per cent of the cell phone market in Canada is controlled by »