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The Arrow will live and fly again!

Avro Arrow airworthy replica nearing completion It was 60 years ago this month that one of the world’s greatest interceptors took to the skies for the first time. Built by the A.V Roe Company of Malton, near Toronto Ontario, the» 

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The Arrow legend: mystery, intrigue, search for last artefacts

It was a world-leading state-of-the-art jet interceptor. Indeed it seemed Canada would become a world leader in aerospace with the development of the CF-105 Avro Arrow, and its powerful new Canadian designed engines.   With the first planes completed and» 

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Cold War relic may become Canada’s broadcast archives

It was a giant complex 60 stories underground, and inside about five and half stories high. It was atomic bomb proof and  accessed by very long tunnels, one of them two kilometres long, the other one kilometre long. A bus» 

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Canada History Feb 20, 1959; Death of a national dream

It was truly a “black Friday”. The date was February 20th, 1959.  It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was brutal. An announcement from Canada’s Parliament that Friday immediately affected thousands of workers at the AV Roe aerospace plant near» 

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History: Apr 4, 1957, “Murder by Slander”

Early in the working day on April 4, 1957,  Egerton Herbert Norton, the Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, told his wife he was going for a walk. He proceeded from his residence several blocks to a tall building in Cairo which» 

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Cleaning up Canada’s Cold War radar sites

The bombers never came. Following the Second World War, tension built between the western allies and the Soviet Union and wary of the Soviet intentions, the US and Canada embarked upon a massive radar detection screen.  For decades at various»