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Early snow stalls western Canadian harvest

With crops like wheat, canola, barley, peas and others ready for harvest, an early snow has caused havoc across much of western Canadian farmland. Farmers have been as busy as possible trying to get as much harvested as possible before» 

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Canadians overcome obstacles in transporting vaccines

Vaccines need to be kept cool and that makes delivering them in hot countries difficult and expensive. Now, researchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found a way to overcome the problem. It involves using compounds that have already been» 

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How crazy can the weather be in Canada?

Environment Canada forecast Today’s warmest temperature 9.9C in Grand Etang, Nova Scotia Today’s coldest temperature -43.4 in Key Lake, Saskatchewan It’s winter here, and that used to mean across almost all of Canada, a steady few months of cold and» 

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Celebrating a Scot and being Canadian with kilts in the cold!

The Sir John A. kilt skate It takes a Canadian (with some Scots DNA usually) to don a kilt and brave the rigours of a Canadian winter, and do it on ice skates! But, on the occasion of the anniversary» 

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Extreme cold freezes 60 per cent of Great Lake

Extreme cold blasted through central and eastern Canada over the weekend freezing 60 per cent of the world’s eleventh largest lake. On February 14th the province of Quebec saw windchill temperatures reach -46 C and Barrie, Ontario reached -33.3 C» 


Bridge failure cuts Canada in two

It may seem incredible to most, but there is only a single roadway linking eastern Canada to western Canada. Now, a bridge which carries all traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway, designated in the province of Ontario as Highways 11 and» 

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New technology to improve annoying bus waits

Waiting for a late bus is annoying at the best of times, but downright miserable in a cold Canadian winter. So, public transit services are using technology to try to improve things. The city of Montreal has spent $155 million» 


Despite the cold, river surfing is popular

It took $25,000 to move boulders and create a permanent wave for surfing on the Kananaskis River in western Canada, and even though it’s cold, surfers are flocking to it. “Right now, it’s the best wave that’s working in the world, the best» 


Canada, a tale of two weather extremes

In west coast Canada the winter has been unusually mild. The Yukon Sourdough Festival in the far northern city of Whitehorse had to bring in snow for the snow carving event. On Vancouver Island and the lower Fraser river, the» 


Baby, it’s (very, very) cold outside

Canadians are forced to bundle up on this New Year’s day.  Extreme wind chill warnings are still in effect for northern Manitoba, parts of Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and much of Quebec. Hundreds rang in the New Year»