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Canadian explains Hubble Telescope data to the public

Bethany Downer has been named Chief Communications Officer for the Hubble Space Telescope for the European Space Agency. Her job will involve taking information collected by the telescope in space and explaining it to the public. She has worked in »

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More than 30 inventions you wouldn’t expect to be Canadian

rom long before the invention of the wheel to long after the colonization of Mars and interstellar journeys, the quest for innovation was, is, and will always be part of who we are as humans. It is in our genes »

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$125.2 million announced for high-speed internet in Inuit region of Arctic Quebec

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North.  Ottawa and the province of Quebec announced $125.2 million this week to help improve high-speed internet in Nunavik, the Inuit region of northern Quebec. The money will go »

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History: Canada’s satellite lead April 20, 1973

In the 1970’s Canada set up the world’s first geostationary (geosynchronous) non-military domestic communications satellites. On November 9, 1972, Anik-A-I was sent into orbit and on this date April 20, 1973, the 600kg Anik-A-II was sent aloft to join it. »

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Canadian web documentary highlights Arctic science

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North Ever wondered how noise affects marine mammals in the Arctic? Or what glacial ice really looks like? Profiles from the Arctic is a new web documentary that answers »