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Countries of Flight PS752 victims to press Iran for ‘full reparations’

Canada and four other countries whose citizens died when the Iranian military mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet in January are formally joining forces in negotiations with Tehran to seek “full reparations,” according to a letter sent to the »


Federal government appeals tribunal order to compensate First Nations children

Lawyers for the federal are in court today to appeal a ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that found that Ottawa “wilfully and recklessly” discriminated against Indigenous children and their families and ordered the government to pay billions of »

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Sixties Scoop: Government to give $800 million to aboriginals

“The Sixties Scoop was a dark painful chapter in Canada’s history. The survivors have identified the loss of language and culture, and therefore their identity, as the greatest harm. The creation of a foundation will directly address the need for »

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Khadr decision continues to cause division

Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, continues to be a centre of controversy. A new poll says a clear majority of Canadians are against a government decision to pay him 10.5 million as compensation for the violation of his rights. Aged 15, »


Will Bombardier’s damage control work?

Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier continues to try to limit the damage from its decision to hike executive compensation while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government support. Public outrage grew and, on Sunday, about 200 people protested »

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Western firefighters compensated for more cancers

The western province of British Columbia is making it easier for firefighters to get compensation for cancers it considers to be an occupational hazard. After having worked for a certain period of time, firefighters who develop certain cancers can get »


Woman gets help for trauma from serving jury duty

The government of the province of Ontario has reached an out-of-court settlement with a woman who sued for compensation for trauma she suffered as a jurist on a grisly murder trial. The 57-year old served in the 2012 trial of »

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Veterans Ombudsman recommends improved compensation for pain and suffering

The federal government needs to come up with a better way for compensating injured Canadian veterans for their pain and suffering on top of the compensation they already receive for their disability, says a new report by the Veterans Ombudsman released »