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Police warn of new computer scam

Two older adults in the east end of Toronto have lost more than $32,000 in a scam offering software protection for their computers. Durham regional police say the scammer contacted the victims and offered them several anti-virus options to purchase. »

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The computer “worm” that has caused such damage around the world.

It’s a new “infection” in computer systems around the world. This particular one is called the “Wanna Cry” (WannaCryptor) bug in which data is being encrypted by a hacker of hackers unknown and held for ransom. It’s a major international »

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Consumers warned about computer ‘scareware’

The Competition Bureau is warning consumers to hang up on people who claim to be tech experts and who say your computer has a nasty virus. There are fraudsters who telephone people and tell them they will lose their private »


Hot computer parts, National Defence fraud

A 33-year-old civilian employee of Canada’s Defence Department has been has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. Andrew Heggaton worked for the Canadian Forces Cryto Support Unit began stealing computer parts in June 2011, and continued »


33 Canadian firms gave in to ransomware attacks

A California company that fights ransomware says dozens of Canadian organizations paid to get their files back after they were locked by hackers last year.  Malwarebytes commissioned an international survey and found that firms in Canada were most likely to »

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Electronics-screen time: harmful to eyesight? Or not?

Electronic devices now dominate our lives. At work we might spend several hours staring at the screen, at other times we’re staring at mobile phone screens, and laptops and tablet screens. And then of course there are television screens as »

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Ransomware becoming more common, warn experts

Increasing numbers of cyber thieves are infecting computers with viruses that encrypt their contents and then demanding a ransom to unlock them. Victims include hospitals, police forces, small businesses and individuals, to name just a few. It’s difficult to know »

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Password problems: most are easy to crack

New computer software is making it easier to hack passwords, so old advice may not work anymore. Conventional wisdom was that a password should include upper and lowercase letters and at least one number. A new report suggests that it »