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Behaviour problems for pre-schoolers from screen time: study

Whether it’s from tv screens, video screens, computers, laptops, tablets, or phones, a new study suggests pre-schoolers behaviour is negatively affected when they spend a few hours in front of these devices. Sukhpreet Tamana (PhD) is the lead author of »

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The existential threat of giant “tech” corporations

We live our lives increasingly surrounded by technology. This is not  just for communication. Algorithms now write news and sports stories, decide whose job request resumes get accepted or rejected , allow us to turn our house lights on or »

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Developing artificial intelligence- boon or bane?

Some people think the development of artificial intelligence  (AI) will yield enormous benefits and advances to mankind. Others, equally intelligent, say we are likely heading down a dangerous path that could lead to the end of mankind. This would be »

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Toronto IT company launches computer collection drive for Syrian refugees

A Toronto-based IT company that specializes in refurbishing and recycling old electronic equipment is launching a collection drive to benefit Syrian refugee families in the Greater Toronto Area. Dennis Maslo, managing partner at Computation Ltd., said the idea of the »

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The future is coming: Quantum computing cybersecurity conference

A whole new world is coming, and it’s based on quantum theory. Somewhat difficult to grasp for laymen, one thing that is known is that computers based on quantum theory will be easily able to crack current computer cryptography that »