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Time for Canada to pick up the pace in creating age-friendly cities? Take a guess!

It’s always terrific to know that someone has your back. Especially when you’re a senior citizen. We are, after all, a burgeoning demographic It helps a whole lot more when that person is really smart because seniors face a whole »

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Finding ways to help seniors help themselves and the rest of us

So what’s going on with Canada’s older folks these days? They don’t have a lot of political clout and some are not aging all that well. If they’re only collecting government pensions, they don’t have a lot of buying power. »

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Chinese officials pressured Canadian university to cancel event with Uighur activist

Chinese officials pressured a Montreal-based human rights research institute affiliated with Concordia University to cancel a conference featuring a prominent exiled Uighur leader, says one of the organizers of the event. Kyle Matthews, executive director of the Montreal Institute for »

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On World Water Day, the caring continue their fight to save what we can’t live without

It’s World Water Day–an annual event when the United Nations and anybody and everybody else who cares to try to make things just a little better brings attention to what’s going on with the world’s water supply. And, in case »

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Inuit food, language, art featured at Montreal festival

Concordia University in Montreal will hold its third annual Tillitarniit festival celebrating Indigenous people of Canada’s north on August 2 to 4, 2018. It used to be a film festival but this year will expand to include musical performances, games, »

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Efforts to save Mohawk language continue to expand

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues his drive to make amends for horrific past abuses inflicted on Canada’s First Nations, it appears progress is being made by Indigenous communities to resurrect and reclaim their native languages. A Statistics Canada report »

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Don’t fret, your anxieties can be dealt if you treat them right

Virtually everybody feels anxious or fearful about things, at least sometimes. And guess what? You can do something about it…without medication. Take obsessive-compulsive disorder. Are you one of those persons who keeps checking to see if you locked the door »


Montreal to host conference on countering violent extremism

Dozens of experts in various fields – from counterterrorism to social work and education – will gather in Montreal in November for Canada’s first professional training program on countering violent extremism. The two-day training program organized by the Montreal Institute for »

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Canadian aerospace industry needs sales expertise

Is it our reputation as a polite people, nice people, that make sales, promotion and public relations a challenge?  These are some of the areas, according to Isabelle Dostaler, that Canada’s aerospace industry needs to develop in order to remain competitive.While our industry ranks »