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Scientists around the world compile historical global temperature data

In a global collaborative effort dozens of scientists combined their specific field knowledge to create a comprehensive data bank of global temperatures over the past 2000 years. Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques (PhD) is a contributor to the project known as the PAGES2k »

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New research may help prevent potholes

Potholes are ubiquitous in Canada. The city of Montreal alone fixes about 50,000 holes in the road every year. It’s estimated about 20.6 per cent of Canadian roads are in poor or very poor condition. Part of the blame is »

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Researchers create quick test for cool roofs

People are being encouraged to install cool reflective roofs to try to reduce the city heat that contributes to global warming. But light roofs get dirty and can become less effective at reflecting heat away. An engineering team at Concordia »

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Cycling to work reduces stress, researchers find

Researchers at Concordia University have found that cycling to work can help reduce stress and improve work performance. About six per cent of Canadians cycled to work in 2011 and that number is believed to be growing. It is however, »

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Study shows fences prevent road kill

“Hundreds of millions of animals are killed every year by road traffic,” says a news release from Concordia University in Montreal. Researchers there with a team of international colleagues analysed studies about road kill and concluded that fences reduce road »

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TV viewing and early school readiness.

A new study looks again at the question of young children, tv viewing time, and how that affects their performance as they enter kindergarten and grade-1. But it also looks at whether there’s a difference between children from low-income families, »

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Stopping the leaks: tax money and leaking municipal pipes.

Fresh potable water is becoming increasingly critical around the world. In Canada, as is the case in most major cities, municipal water supply systems are buried in pipes underground and are out of sight. Many of these systems are ageing »

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Canada wins the mileage marathon- again

Imagine getting over 1,000 kilometres per litre of gasoline in a vehicle. Two Canadian university teams have done just that. They were participants in the 2016 Shell Eco-marathon Americas held this weekend in Detroit. Teams from the University of Toronto, »

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Bats need natural habitat beside farmland: study

Bats are under threat in North America but new research suggests a way to help them survive. Bats are important because they eat huge quantities of mosquitos and other insects, sometime acting as a natural pesticide on farmland. Bat numbers »

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Opiates from sugar; new Canadian research leads the way.

Synthetic opium advance-new medicines but also new regulations Opium poppies are both a scourge and a blessing. Drugs like morphine and codeine, important therapeutic medicines are derived from them, but also illegal narcotics such as heroin. Now, under carefully controlled »