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Canadian innovation in studying helmet impacts

Researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa have developed a new x-ray technology which allows ultra fast images at a rate of up to 100,000 frames per second. This gives absolutely precise images of what happens to helmet designs and also »

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Your hosts, Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc   (video of show at bottom -Facebook archived version starts after one minute) Canadian officials meet with detained Canadians in China For the second time in a matter of weeks, Canadian officials have been granted »

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New research gives a better understanding of concussions

  Concussion effects last longer than thought A Canadian-Dutch collaboration into concussion research used a new technique to discover how the brain works around concussion damage. The study, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) revealed interesting information about concussions and »

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Effects of concussion: longer than thought in young brains

A child gets hit hard or falls hard while playing a sport, say hockey, Judged to have suffered a concussion, they’re kept out of play for about three to four weeks after which the effects and “damage” have seemingly healed »

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Young hockey players may return too soon after concussion: study

New sophisticated imaging shows that young hockey players who have had a concussion may still have changes in their brains after having been cleared to go back to playing. Researchers at Western University studied players between the ages of 11 »

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CFL –no hit practices; fewer injuries-concussions

The Canadian Football League (N.American style football) has announced an immediate policy change in an effort to reduce injuries and concussions. The League and players union together announced an immediate halt to full contact, padded practices during the regular season. »


Choose concussion clinics with care, urge experts

In response to a proliferation of concussion clinics opening in Canada, a coalition of 14 professional health associations is offering advice on how to choose a good one. Brain injury made headline news particularly after star hockey player Sidney Crosby »

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Concussion has long-term effect on the brain: study

Doctors expect to see changes in athletes’ brains right after a concussion, but a new study shows there are physical differences in the brains months and years after concussion. Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital used advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) »

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Light exercise may be good after concussion

A new study suggests it may be good for youngsters to get some exercise in the week after suffering a concussion. The current advice is to rest until symptoms diminish. Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario studied 5- »

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Concussion conference: making sport safe

‘A serious and widespread problem’ Canada’s governor general, David Johnston, will host a one-day conference on concussions involving some of the country’s top names in professional and amateur sport as well as prominent medical experts. “We have a major challenge with »