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Canada housing: now condo prices are going up

The cost of housing has been listed in a recent national survey as a top concern for Canadians, and a major issue in the upcoming general election. The huge increase in house prices across the country has pushed a great» 


Housing affordability at worst level in decades: bank

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) reports that Canadian housing affordability is now at its worst level since 1990. Skyrocketing home prices in some of the largest cities provided the initial push, but rising interest rates have been the main driver» 

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Excessive house prices Canada: Who’s to blame?

Fingers pointed at foreign investment, but is it justifiable? The skyrocketing house prices in Canada, especially in two major cities, have been hot topics of discussion in Canada, and indeed in business and real estate circles around the world. The» 


Canada housing starts surge on condo demand: CMHC

Canadian housing starts blew past expectations to their highest level in almost 10 years, fueled by the construction of multifamily dwellings in Toronto, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) reported Friday. In November, the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing» 

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Designing small living spaces for the new reality

Could you live in a space about the size of an average house living room? In Canada’s major cities, the cost of housing whether for homes, condos or even rental apartments, is increasing beyond the scope of many people.  » 

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Call for tracking of foreign ownership of housing

Montreal has seen buyers from China, Syria, Mexico, Russia and the U.S –Sotheby’s Int’l Realty Canada With prices going ever higher for housing in Canada, at least on federal politician is calling for investigation of foreign speculation on housing. While»