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Canada History: Nov. 19, 1858; British Columbia comes into being

The vast area in what is now Canada’s Pacific province, was once known as New Caledonia, and was under the control of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Gold rushes of 1857 and 1858 meant vast numbers of American and other prospectors »


Canadians celebrate Canada Day….or not…

Unlike our neighbours to the south who will celebrate their national day on Thursday, Canadians are not especially big on waving the flag. Many would say that’s one of our saving graces. Monday in Canada Day. There will be some »

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Canada a confederation not quite so unified

It’s a huge country, second biggest in the world, with 10 provinces, 3 territories, and apparently, not all that unified. A new national survey by the Angus Reid Institute polling firm shows some regions are not all that kindly disposed »


Visit RCI’s special website dedicated to Canada’s 150th anniversary!

To mark the 150th anniversary of Canada on July 1st, Radio Canada International created a special website where you can find news articles and general information about the country, its history and its people.  Visit our Canada 150 website!

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Canada history: Jan 11 1815- the “Father of Confederation” is born

It is officially “Sir John A. Macdonald Day” in Canada. The day was declared by an act of Canada’s Parliament in 2002 to commemorate the birth of the man who is considered to be the father of the Canadian Confederation, »

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History: January 11, 1815; From Scotland to the creation of Canada

On January 11*, 1815 a third child was born to a humble textile merchant and his wife in Glasgow.  The boy was named John Alexander Macdonald.**Of humble beginnings, he would become the most important figure in Canada’s history. John was »

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History: March 31, 1949, Canada completed!

Canada is often said to be a young country, and it’s final addition after the Second World War attests to that fact. Newfoundland was England’s first possession in the “new world”, and the final province in Canada. Prime Minister Louis »

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Happy 200th birthday Sir John A, founder of Canada…. Who?

Born in Glasgow, John A Macdonald, later Sir John, became a Canadian lawyer, and subsequently a politician and political leader in the rough and tumble colony of the United Province of Canada  (Upper Canada/Ontario and Lower Canada- Quebec) in the »