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Mixed signals for the Canadian economy

Even as another significant retail chain in Canada announces closure of all its stores, one statistic says retail sales in the country are rebounding, but another report says consumer confidence in the economy is stagnant. Mendocino is a women’s fashion »

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The LINK Online Feb 28,29; Mar 01, 2020

Your hosts today, Vincenzo, Terry, and Marc ( video of show at bottom) Canadian Space Agency invests in moon exploration The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is seeking to get more involved in exploration of the moon. To that end they’ve »

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Canadians less confident about their finances: CIBC poll

As Canadians survey the ravages of the holiday season and the continuously diving loonie on their wallets, the good news is over two-thirds say they still feel positive about their current financial situation. The bad news, according a recent poll »