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Indigenous groups welcome Biden-Trudeau nature conservation roadmap

Indigenous groups in Canada are welcoming plans by Ottawa and Washington to partner with Indigenous Nations across Canada and the United States to meet their climate change goals and protect nature. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden »

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Government, zoo work to protect endangered butterfly

The half-moon hairstreak butterfly is only found in nine locations in Canada and is listed as endangered under the Species at Risk Act. Now, the government department responsible for national parks and the Calgary Zoo are teaming up to conserve »

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Canada’s protected areas aren’t necessarily where they’re most needed: Study

While creating environmental protected areas is seen as beneficial and increasingly necessary for a number of reasons, a new study shows that our protected parks don’t really protect those areas providing benefits to Canadian society such as fresh water sources »

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Discarded Christmas trees can provide shelter for birds

At this time of year, Canadians are taking decorations off their Christmas trees and, if they are natural trees, most people will put them on the front lawn to be picked up by municipal service trucks. But conservationists say it »

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Habitat for endangered butterfly to be protected

A conservation group has acquired a property in the eastern Gaspé region that is home to a rare endangered butterfly and other threatened or vulnerable species. The two-hectare property is located in a salt marsh that is characteristic of the »

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Canada commits to sustainable use of all of its oceans

Canada has joined 13 other coastal nations in pledging to sustainably manage 100 per cent of its oceans by 2025. The non-binding pledges announced at the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy on Tuesday commit the governments of »

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Charity races to raise enough money to buy biodiverse island

West Ballenas Island is an undeveloped 100-acre island, one of several in a stunningly beautiful archipelago off Canada’s Pacific coast. It is privately owned but the foundation which contributes to British Columbia’s provincial park system is racing to collect enough »

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New Indigenous protected area created in the Canadian Arctic

The federal government is investing $1.43 million for the creation of a new Indigenous protected and conserved area in the Canadian Arctic in partnership with the Inuit community of Inukjuak in northern Quebec. The Arqvilliit Indigenous protected and conserved area »

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Canada joins international group of 22 countries to protect world’s oceans

Canada has joined a group of nearly two dozen other countries working to protect 30 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2030. Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard Bernadette Jordan announced Canada’s participation in the Global »

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International study details ‘remarkable’ transatlantic voyage by basking shark

Researchers at Canada’s Western University and Queen’s University Belfast in the U.K. have produced the second ever evidence of the endangered basking shark travelling across the Atlantic Ocean, prompting researchers to call for “an international mindset” in efforts to protect »