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COVID-19: Promotion of conspiracy theory angers many Canadians

While the origins of the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus haven’t been absolutely determined, it is widely believed in scientific circles that it originated in Asian bats. Jason Kindrachuk,is a Canada research chair in emerging viruses at the University of Manitoba, Quoted »

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Trudeau stands by India conspiracy theory

Grilled by the opposition in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood by a controversial theory advanced by a senior national security official who alleged last week that rogue elements within the Indian government had conspired »

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The Arrow legend: mystery, intrigue, search for last artefacts

It was a world-leading state-of-the-art jet interceptor. Indeed it seemed Canada would become a world leader in aerospace with the development of the CF-105 Avro Arrow, and its powerful new Canadian designed engines.   With the first planes completed and »

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Canada History Feb 20, 1959; Death of a national dream

It was truly a “black Friday”. The date was February 20th, 1959.  It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was brutal. An announcement from Canada’s Parliament that Friday immediately affected thousands of workers at the AV Roe aerospace plant near »

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The conspiracy of lawnmowers

Yes, it sounds strange, and who afterall would think that industrial conspiracy would involve lawnmowers? But, that is the case. Two class action lawsuits in Canada have been brought against various lawn mower and small engine manufacturers. Many manufacturers/ suppliers »