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A constitutional kerfuffle in Canada

It’s called the “notwithstanding clause”, or Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, part of the Canadian constitution. It may be translated more simply as “in spite of”, as in, in spite of what the constitution or court »

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Federal government to appeal ruling against solitary confinement

Just a month after a British Columbia judge ruled that indefinite solitary confinement in prisons was unconstitutional, the federal government is appealing the ruling. In his ruling the B.C. Supreme Court judge said that such confinement “places all Canadian federal »

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Prison: Judge rules solitary confinement unconstitutional

A judge in the west coast province of British Columbia has made a landmark decision regarding prolonged solitary confinement in federal prisons. The judge ruled that the practice, also known as “administrative segregation”, contravenes aspects of the Canadian Charter of »

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Solitary confinement struck down as unconstitutional

A long legal effort to change rules on solitary confinement of prisoners has won a substantial victory. The non-profit civil liberties and constitutional rights organisation, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)  has been fighting the battle to end the practice »

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Police ticketing panhandlers, homeless: Legal challenge

It’s a long established practice. Police handing tickets for a variety of minor municipal infractions to street people who are the least able to pay them. That’s now being challenged under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Tickets are given »

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Canada-U.S. refugee agreement to be challenged in court

An asylum-seeker from El Salvador and advocacy groups will go to court to argue that Canada’s agreement with the U.S.on refugees violates her rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This Safe Third Country Agreement assumes that Canada »

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Canada ‘very troubled’ by proposed constitutional changes in Venezuela

Concerned by the escalating political and economic crisis in Venezuela, Ottawa is urging the Venezuelan government and the opposition to settle their difference peacefully, taking into account “the legitimate concerns of the Venezuelan people.” At least 36 people have been »

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Providing needles to inmates too dangerous: officials

Senior penitentiary officials say providing clean syringes to prisoners to stem infections would be too dangerous, reports Canadian Press. Former prisoner and advocacy groups have gone to court to argue the current policy of not providing needles in penitentiaries violates »

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Barriers between provinces tested by beer buyer

A Canadian man has gone to court to argue he has a constitutional right to buy beer in another province and bring it home. The case highlights the extensive barriers between Canadian provinces that sometimes make it easier to trade »


Clément Chartier on why court decision on Canada’s Métis so important

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has upheld a landmark decision made last year that the country’s Métis people must be considered “Indian” under the Constitution Act. The decision, made public Thursday (April 17), also overturned the decision on non-status Indians. Canada’s Métis »